Better Gardening through Science


Topiary couple.

Topiary The history of topiary, a bit about how it’s done, and a lot of excellent examples of the art. 

Plants for Pollinators

Native bee.

Plants for Pollinators After a brief overview of the types of pollinators and what they need to thrive, characteristics of plants that appeal to a wide variety of pollinators will […]

Keeping Backyard Chickens

Chickens in a backyard.

Keeping Backyard Chickens Basic information on getting your backyard flock, caring for them, and harvesting the eggs. 

Getting the Garden Ready for Winter

Women cleaning in a garden. Benoit Rochon,  CC BY 2.0

Getting the Garden Ready for Winter An overview of tasks that should be done to prepare your garden for winter, and some that will help get the garden ready for […]

Bluebonnets: Their History and Culture

Group of bluebonnets.

Bluebonnets: Their History and Culture Find out how bluebonnets became the State Flower of Texas; learn about the varieties of bluebonnets, and find out how to grow them in your […]

Beneficial Insects

Robber fly with prey.

Beneficial Insects Definition of beneficial insects, why they are important, and how to attract them. Includes an overview of biological controls.

Confessions of an Agaveholic

Group of agave in a bed.

Confessions of an Agaveholic Learn about the different varieties of agave and how to care for them from a self-confessed agave fanatic. 

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