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Master Gardener Lynn Ackerman Explains Container Gardening with Succulents

Left to right Country Garden Club members Mary Jo Woodruff, speaker KCMG Lynn Ackerman, Debbie McMullen, Gayle Black, Rose Baum, Sharon Kuver, Nancy Bowman, Wilma Lynn, Kay Edwards. Photo: Country Gardeners.

KCMG Lynn Ackerman recently presented a program to Country Gardeners Garden Club in Crandall on Container Gardening with Succulents. The program focused on plants to be used on the patio and/or in the house over the winter with 6 demonstration container gardens displayed for members to see. Ackerman noted that it is important that you have plants that are “good neighbors” in your containers that require the same light and moisture. As succulents require more water than cactus, good drainage is also very important to prevent the roots from staying wet. “They just do not like to have ‘wet feet’ and will die if not properly drained”, said Ackerman. Tips were given on both container and plant selection.

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