Better Gardening through Science

Gardeners Learn How to Go Native

Gardeners Learn How to Go Native On Saturday, September 16, Kaufman County Master Gardeners held their fall seminar, ” Go Native: Save Nature in Your Yard.” Over thirty people learned […]

Hey! We Won a Prize

Pictured: Front row: Ada O'Steen, Marline Ballard, Chet McDonald, Kris Kumar, Jim Burt, Linda Henderson. Back row: Billie Henderson, Kim Eagan, Dana Hunt, Sandy Stahlman, Elorine Myers, Robert Castro, Cindy Burt (visitor), Janet Crow, Beverly Curtis, Linda Wells, Pam Corder and Karel Holloway. Photo: KCMGA

Hey! We Won a Prize. The Kaufman County Master Gardeners Association won third place in the Texas Master Gardeners 2022 awards program for a series of workshops led by local […]

Gardening Outside the Lines

Photo of soil tilled into rows. Photo: Public Domain

When we think of vegetable gardens, most of us think of straight, tilled rows stretching across the garden. But there are a lot of variations that have worked well for […]

Keyhole Gardening

Diagram of keyhole garden. Photo: Public Domain.

Keyhole Gardening A discussion of the history of  keyhole gardens, what one is, how it is made, and what its benefits are. Examples of  keyhole gardens are shown.  

Welcome, New Interns

New Intern Class. At table from left: Carolyn Hunt, Kim Eagar, Dana Hunt, Ginger Davis, Linda Henderson, Sharon Evans Scott, and Janet Crow. In background: Master Gardeners Beverly Curtis and Billie Henderson. Photo: KCMGA.

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, seven Kaufman County residents took their first step to becoming Master Gardeners. They started our training program, during which they will learn botany, plant pathology, […]

Superstars Shine at Heartland

Master Gardeners Linda Wells, at left, and Beverly Curtis, far right. Photo: KCMGA.

Superstars Shine at Heartland Master Gardeners Linda Wells and Beverly Curtis shared their knowledge of Texas Superstar Plants with Heartland residents on Saturday, October 1.  Wells and Curtis, who have […]

2023 Master Gardener Training

Who Are Master Gardeners? What really sets Master Gardeners apart from other home gardeners is their special training in horticulture. Inexchange for their training, individuals who become Master Gardeners volunteer […]

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