Better Gardening through Science

Native bee.

Plants for Pollinators

Plants for Pollinators After a brief overview of the types of pollinators and what they need to thrive, characteristics of plants that appeal to a

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Robber fly with prey.

Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Insects Definition of beneficial insects, why they are important, and how to attract them. Includes an overview of biological controls.

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Leafcutter bee.

Texas’ Native Bees

Texas’ Native Bees Honeybees get most of the press, but our native bees are also threatened. They are also more efficient pollinators of native plants

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Kids digging in the garden.

Gardening with Kids

Gardening with Kids Find out why gardening with kids is important and why you should be doing it. Learn what you need to know to

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Title graphic for Bugs: Friends or Foes? Produced by KCMGA.

Bugs: Friends or Foes?

Bugs: Friends or Foes? A discussion of beneficial insects and pest insects, with several examples of each, including lacewings, dragonflies, fall army worms, Mexican bean

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Planning Your Garden

Planning Your Garden Covers important things to consider in planning your garden: location, orientation, size, and timing. Discusses putting all these pieces together

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