Better Gardening through Science

Planning Your Garden

Planning Your Garden Covers important things to consider in planning your garden: location, orientation, size, and timing. Discusses putting all these pieces together

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Lady beetles on a leaf. Lady beetles on a leaf.

All About Ladybugs

All About Ladybugs All about lady beetles: life cycle, history, identification, native lady beetles, use as a biological control and how to attract lady beetles.

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Seedlings in improvised cardboard containers.

Seed Starting

Seed Starting Learn how to start seeds, and get a jump on the spring growing season or grow those summer greens year-round. Growing medium, water

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Example of an edible landscape.

Edible Landscaping

Edible Landscaping Ways to incorporate fruit, vegetables, herbs and more into your landscape without having the “vegetable garden” look. Plant list provided.  

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Man using a rototiller to improve soil. Ryan Hagerty, USFWS,  CC BY-ND 2.0

Soil Preparation

Soil Preparation How to prepare your soil for a garden: what compost is, how to build a compost bin, composting in the rows, proper soil

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Plants grouped around an open Bible. CC 0

Plants of the Bible

Plants of the Bible Plants were an important part of life in Biblical times. They provided many of the things needed for survival: food, fuel,

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Selection of seed packets. Photo: Garland Cannon,  CC BY 2.0/

Crop Selection

Crop Selection What types of vegetables to grow in your garden, what do you like to eat?  Cool season crops vs. warm season crops, how to

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