Better Gardening through Science

Crop Selection

Selection of seed packets. Photo: Garland Cannon,  CC BY 2.0/

Crop Selection What types of vegetables to grow in your garden, what do you like to eat?  Cool season crops vs. warm season crops, how to select cultivars for your area.

Choosing a Garden Site

Backyard site for garden.

Choosing a Garden Site How to select a garden site, what to try and avoid. What plants require the maximum amount of sunlight, what plants can tolerate some shade, garden […]

Bed Preparation

Breaking ground for a new garden bed.

Bed Preparation Advantages and disadvantages of raised beds, permanent beds, mulching in vegetable gardens. Trench composting.

Texas Superstar® Plants

Logo for Texas Superstar Plant Program.

Texas Superstar® Plants Texas Superstar® plants are tested and selected for superstar performance in the Texas Landscape. This program discusses the Texas SuperStar® program, explains which plants are Texas Superstars […]

Gardening Made Easier

Senior woman working in garden bed.

Gardening Made Easier An overview of the many tools and techniques that can make gardening easier for older adults and those with physical limitations.

Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting

Rain barrel with downspout. Benoit Rochon,  CC BY 3.0

Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting Watershed basics, simple and complex systems,how to calculate your capture volume, storage, usage and maintenance.

Drip Irrigation

Part of a drip irrigation system. Photo: Bruce Dupree, ACES,  CC0 1.0/

Drip Irrigation Basics How to design and select the proper drip irrigation equipment, how to connect to your house water system, how to use rain water. The different controllers, timers […]

Making a Rain Barrel

Participants work on their rain barrels at the 2009 rain barrel workshop. Photo: KCMGA.

Making a Rain Barrel How to build and maintain your rain barrel. Tools required, filters, how to install a hose bib.


Compost bin with tools.

Composting What is composting, benefits of composting, backyard composting, how to build a compost bin, composting materials (good and bad), using your compost, testing your compost.

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