Better Gardening through Science


Dr. Patrick Dickinson presents a plan for renovation of the bog garden. Photo: KCMGA.

Old Bog Garden Gets New Life

Old Bog Garden Gets New Life Problems plagued the Bog Garden from the beginning. Water did not percolate through the bog fast enough to offset flooding. Some plants were more

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2013 Master Gardener Interns. Front row: Debbie Gamble, Janie Hill and Rita Ware. Back row: Mary Nell Renteria, Louise Bridges and Linda Sanders. Photo: KCMGA.

Master Gardeners Welcome Six Interns

Master Gardeners Welcome Six Interns Six Kaufman County residents—Louise Bridges, Debbie Gamble, Janie Hill, Mary Nell Renteria, Linda Sanders and Rita Ware—recently completed classes to become certified Texas Master Gardeners.

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Master Gardeners Brad Ackerman, Rebecca Morrow and Jim Burt, Extension Agent and KCMGA sponsor Ralph Davis, and Master Gardener Lynn Ackerman display the five awards won by Kaufman County Master Gardeners at the 2013 Texas Master Gardener Association Convention in McAllen in October. Photo: KCMGA.

Master Gardeners Win 5 State Awards

Master Gardeners Win 5 State Awards Kaufman County Master Gardeners continued their winning ways in this year’s Texas Master Gardener Association awards program. The Kaufman County association, with 40 members,

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