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Does your garden club, service group or other organization need a speaker? Kaufman County Master Gardeners are available at no cost to speak on a variety of topics. Select a topic from the list of specific topics below to open a new tab/window with more information.

If you don’t see the topic you want, contact the Speakers Bureau to find out if we have something being developed or revised. If not, we may be able to create something if we have enough lead time (at least a full month).

Contact the Speakers Bureau using the contact form on the Contact page or by calling the Extension Office at 469-376-4520 to make arrangements; please make your request at least two weeks before the presentation date.

Available Topics

Get a copy of our topic list: 2023 Speakers Bureau Topics–Printer-friendly version

Lady beetles on a leaf. Lady beetles on a leaf.

All About Ladybugs

All About Ladybugs All about lady beetles: life cycle, history, identification, native lady beetles, use as a biological control and how to attract lady beetles.

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Breaking ground for a new garden bed.

Bed Preparation

Bed Preparation Advantages and disadvantages of raised beds, permanent beds, mulching in vegetable gardens. Trench composting.

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Robber fly with prey.

Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Insects Definition of beneficial insects, why they are important, and how to attract them. Includes an overview of biological controls.

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Title graphic for Bugs: Friends or Foes? Produced by KCMGA.

Bugs: Friends or Foes?

Bugs: Friends or Foes? A discussion of beneficial insects and pest insects, with several examples of each, including lacewings, dragonflies, fall army worms, Mexican bean beetles and others. Two new

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