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Master Gardeners Receive Second Grant from Monarch Watch & NPST

The Monarch Garden in April of 2015. Photo: KCMGA.
The Monarch Garden in April of 2015. Photo: KCMGA.
Master Gardeners Jal Scarborough and Brad Ackerman install drip irrigation for the new Monarch Garden. Photo: KCMGA.

Master Gardener Tamara Stahlman, lead for the Monarch Garden, reports that we have received a second grant from Monarch Watch & the Native Plant Society of Texas. The $175 will certainly help with replacement costs & new plant purchases for the butterfly garden! Thank you, Tamara, for all your work on this grant!

We received a $200 grant from these same groups last year that helped us redo our original butterfly garden into the new Monarch garden. The garden now contains plants that serve as hosts to Monarch caterpillars as well as plants that provide nectar to adult Monarchs.

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