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New Shade Garden Is Open!

While the Shade Garden gets some full sun, it does not get the number of hours--6 or more per day--required by full-sun plants. Photo: KCMGA.

Master Gardener Karen Sanders is happy to report that the long-awaited Shade Garden has been installed. The site receives some sun, but less than 6 hours a day year round that’s required for plants that are classified as full sun. Sanders says the plants chosen fall into the category of part shade plants; that is they grow well with only 2 to 6 hours of sun a day.

Sanders said that a dry creek was added along the middle of the area to reduce ponding after rain, which had been a problem in the area. Plants in the new garden include Rose of Sharon, Flame Acanthus, Oak Leaf  Hydrangea, Holly Fern, Blue Black Salvia and Pink Gaura. The Shade garden is located at the Garden Learning Center between the tables on the porch and the large rainwater storage tank near the end of the building. Signs will be add in the near future.

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