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Master Gardener Jim Burt talks about queen cages in Bee Keeping Basics. Photo: KCMGA.

Over 60 Attend Master Gardeners Beekeeping Workshop

Master Gardener Jim Burt talks about queen cages in Bee Keeping Basics. Photo: KCMGA.

On September 8, over sixty people attended the Basic Beekeeping workshop conducted by Kaufman County Master Gardeners at the Garden Learning Center, located at the Kaufman County Government Offices South Campus. From presentations by Master Gardener Rebecca Morrow, participants learned that one in three bites of the food we eat is dependent on pollination by bees. In 2010, honey bees contributed almost $20 million to U. S. farm economy. Morrow also explained what supplies, equipment and costs are involved in starting a backyard beekeeping operation.

Master Gardener Intern Jim Burt, a beekeeper with over 30 years’ experience, discussed how to locate and set up hives and how to acquire and hive bees. He also offered information on maintaining healthy hives, managing for maximum honey production and marketing honey. Following the beekeeping workshop, Burt conducted a mini-workshop where participants could see the equipment and supplies needed for basic beekeeping. He also provided an observation hive that gave participants a close-up view of what the inside of a beehive looks like. Participants also attended a workshop on Square Foot Gardening conducted by Master Gardener Karen Sanders.

In October, the Master Gardeners are planning a family event, “The Little Garden Shop of Horrors,” at the Garden Learning Center. More information is available on our website—

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