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State Awards Kaufman County Master Gardeners for 2020 Youth Education Program

Ready, Set, Go Garden went online after the Covid pandemic forced the Poetry Community Christian School to temporarily close. Photo: KCMGA.

Again this year, the annual Texas Master Gardener Association awards for 2020 were announced in an online meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions. Our association competes in the Medium Association category for groups with 25 to 49 members.

Kaufman County Master Gardeners won a 2020 award in the Medium County (25-49 members) Youth-Other category for “The Science of Gardening.” The program was produced in cooperation with Poetry Community Christian School and was directed at students in Kindergarten through the eighth grade. Master Gardener Amy Barber led the program and was assisted by other Master Gardeners.

Master Gardeners worked 48.75 hours helping students work with a partner on a 12” X 12” area in a raised bed and in the science lab on their journals for researching, planning, and collecting data. Then COVID forced school closures. 

Master Gardeners developed “Ready. Set. Go Garden,” so students and parents could continue working from home on their journals. Available on our website, it could be utilized by any student at any time. Fifty-nine hours were spent on developing hands-on and on-line curriculum.

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