Better Gardening through Science

Gardening for Butterflies

Butterflies on yellow flowers.

Gardening for Butterflies Find out what you need to do to attract butterflies and other pollinators to your landscape or garden. Learn about the life cycle of butterflies and what […]

Gardening with Kids

Kids digging in the garden.

Gardening with Kids Find out why gardening with kids is important and why you should be doing it. Learn what you need to know to garden with kids and how […]

Planning Your Garden

Planning Your Garden Covers important things to consider in planning your garden: location, orientation, size, and timing. Discusses putting all these pieces together

Texas Superstar® Plants

Logo for Texas Superstar Plant Program.

Texas Superstar® Plants Texas Superstar® plants are tested and selected for superstar performance in the Texas Landscape. This program discusses the Texas SuperStar® program, explains which plants are Texas Superstars […]

Gardening Made Easier

Senior woman working in garden bed.

Gardening Made Easier An overview of the many tools and techniques that can make gardening easier for older adults and those with physical limitations.


Compost bin with tools.

Composting What is composting, benefits of composting, backyard composting, how to build a compost bin, composting materials (good and bad), using your compost, testing your compost.

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