Better Gardening through Science

Texas’ Native Bees

Leafcutter bee.

Texas’ Native Bees Honeybees get most of the press, but our native bees are also threatened. They are also more efficient pollinators of native plants than honeybees. Learn about our […]

Bugs: Friends or Foes?

Title graphic for Bugs: Friends or Foes? Produced by KCMGA.

Bugs: Friends or Foes? A discussion of beneficial insects and pest insects, with several examples of each, including lacewings, dragonflies, fall army worms, Mexican bean beetles and others. Two new […]

All About Ladybugs

Lady beetles on a leaf. Lady beetles on a leaf.

All About Ladybugs All about lady beetles: life cycle, history, identification, native lady beetles, use as a biological control and how to attract lady beetles.

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